Froggy Love

FroggyHello everyone! First time I’ve had a chance to post since the intro. I’ve so enjoyed meeting the #etmooc community on Google+.  I feel really moved by the generosity that I’ve encountered  here. When I’ve asked questions — one seeking  mentorship on video production for middleschoolers, and a simple tech question – they were promptly answered. The responses have been many and generous. I was invited to join “Connect in the Middle,” a mid-level educators Wiki. I’ve done this, and look forward to connecting more with the creative and kind educators I’ve met there.

I’m particularly excited about the digital story-telling unit of this course. So here is an animated gif I’ve created with Gimp, following the simple instructions that were linked to the  #etmooc digital story-telling post. This little Pacific Tree Frog appeared in my hydrangeas on Galiano island last summer. It would sit motionless in the flower petals all day, hop away at night, and then return the next day to nestle in the petals. I took a number of still photos of it, and now it is animated! What an endearing little creature — so tiny and trusting.

6 thoughts on “Froggy Love

  1. How lucky to have a frog find a home beside yours! I love your little gif — it gives me ideas. I haven’t made a gif in years, and I need to find the link with directions so I can give it a try again. Your creativity is inspiring!

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